Let’s Strip Down

// The lightweight, responsive, plug & play design framework

Strip Down to 0kb

Because Chopstick does not compile one kilobyte without you asking for it, things remain simple. No predefined styles, no predefined classes, no predefined HTML. You want to keep everything light-weight and perfectly semantic, we make that easy.

Responsive, in a Heartbeat

With great semantics come great responsiveness. Because we assume no class names, you can make your website responsive in a heartbeat. Start mobile first, and work your way up from there. It’s just that good.

Plug in & Play

You like to use Bourbon? We have got you covered. You prefer Compass? Covered. You really love writing OOCSS? Got your back. SMACSS? Smack. B-E-M? Bam! You get the picture. Simply plug in your favourite workflow and start playing. No conflicts. Just .

Download & Get Hacking.